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Denatured Alcohol Storage

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First of all, one of the nice things about alcohol is that if it does spill, it isn't really a nightmare. It might be annoying, but if you spilled the same amount of white gas, you would know the alcohol spill is much less nasty.

Also, alcohol is much easier to store. It doesn't typically need a special container. A lot of people use methanol rather than denatured ethanol because it is easily available in gas stations as Heet gas line antifreeze. This bottle is designed to store alcohol so it works fine. You could get a bottle from the gas station, use the fuel, and keep the bottle.

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Or you could just use a pop bottle. These lids are designed to keep the pressure of a carbonated beverage in, so they don't leak. If you do this be sure to label it clearly to make sure you don't drink it. Some people even put duct tape around it or something like that so you can even identify your fuel bottle by feel in the dark for extra safety.

Mouthwash bottles are nice because they have a cup-like cap that can be used for measuring.

Flip top plastic bottle are popular because you can squirt right from the bottle. A lot of companies that sell alcohol stoves will carry them. Here is one example.
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