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Nick P

Cuben fiber food bags?

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Don't leave your food bag open. Not a good idea at all. Learn to hang it in a way that the critters won't get to it easily, like the PCT method. It's much easier than it seems at first glance, and it will work with pretty much any bag. A roll top waterproof bag is great, since it keeps all your food dry. Lots of people use the S2S bag for food.

I use a Zpacks Blast food bag. I own two of them -- great bags. Very well made, and as MW says they fit very well inside my Circuit pack. In theory the cuben fiber is somewhat resistant to small rodents chewing through it, and I've never found mice or droppings in mine, though of course that's not definitive proof. (The mice got into my old nylon food bags in Georgia every night, hanging from the bear cables. Ugh.) I still have a couple of Ursacks, too, which we used for many years after the 2003 mice-in-bags experience (they leaving little mouse droppings inside your gorp. Ew.) But they seem to be overkill and I like using the PCT method and hanging my bag.
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