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Wise Old Owl

What do you carry your Alcohol ifuel in?

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Any 16-oz. soda or water bottle will be perfectly fine--I've never had one leak. I used one bottle for the entire CDT.
The leak is from the paper and foil cap - it was designed to a one use gas tank. it is in your best interest to use another bottle well labeled - However using a soda bottle for a poison is illegal and is the source of many lawsuits. There are federal laws associated to this behavior. As Mags pointed out he knows people that have made the mistake. It was even used as a warning on the series Moonshine. If you knew the dangers would you do it again?
Here is what you need to know from the MSDS.


Skin Contact: Moderate Eye Contact: Moderate Ingestion: Major Inhalation: Major Effects of Short-Term (Acute) Exposure:
Inhalation: Inhalation of high airborne concentrations can also irritate mucous membranes, cause headaches, sleepiness, nausea, confusion, loss of consciousness, digestive and visual disturbances and even death. NOTE: Odor threshold of methanol is several times higher than the TLV-TWA. Depending upon severity of poisoning and the promptness of treatment, survivors may recover completely or may have permanent blindness, vision disturbances and/or nervous stem effects. Concentrations in air exceeding 1000ppm may cause irritation of the mucous membranes. Using stove in a small air tight space doesn’t take much to get sick.

Skin Contact: Methanol is moderately irritating to the skin. Methanol can be absorbed through the skin and harmful effects have been reported by this route of entry. Effects are similar to those described in “Inhalation”

Eye Contact: Methanol is a mild to moderate eye irritant. High vapor concentration or liquid contact with eyes causes irritation, tearing and burning. “Think contact lenses as a transfer from the fingers.”

Ingestion: Swallowing even small amounts of methanol could potentially cause blindness or death. Effects of sub lethal doses may be nausea, headache, abdominal pain, vomiting and visual disturbances ranging from blurred vision to light sensitivity.

Mags... I often wondered why the once a year posts "lets put Methanol in soda bottles" doesn't fall under toss "recommending illegal activity" or just plain stupid.
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