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Official 2014 Mileage from ATC

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The official mileage from Appalachian Trail Conservancy for 2014 is 2,185.3, a decrease of 0.6 miles. The mileage is collected every year for the Appalachian Trail Data Book, published by ATC. The 2014 A.T. Data Book (the 36th edition of the book) has been published and came in to ATC's warehouse in Kearneysville, WV and ATC's headquarters Harpers Ferry Friday (12/6).

The official mileage is determined every year by ATC, gathering data from the 31 A.T.-maintaining clubs. Where there are relocations, those are sometimes completed by the local trail clubs, sometimes by ATC trail crews (always working in concert with the local trail club). The workers on these crews are all volunteers, although ATC's trail crews have a paid crew leader and assistant leader.

All significant relocations are proposed by the local trail club. They go through a lengthy review process which includes the local trail club, ATC, and the land-managing agency. Experts are brought in to review the proposed route to assure that no rare, threatened and endangered species or cultural heritage sites will be impacted. The Damascus Hard Core trail assisted with the Roan Mtn. relos, working under the auspices of the Tennessee Eastman Hiking Club. David Miller brought to ATC's attention the apparent longstanding inaccuracy in the Connecticut mileage, and Sue Spring, active member of the local trail club (AMC Connecticut Chapter) and ALDHA, recently re-measured that section.

Here are the changes from 2013 (2,185.9) to 2014 (2,185.3):
Tennessee + 0.5
Relocations on the south side of Roan Mountain

Northern Virginia + 0.1
Relocation north of Sand Spring

Pennsylvania - 0.3
Remeasurement on trail north side of Susquehanna River, between US 22 and campsite

Connecticut - 0.9
A re-measurement from the summit of Prospect Mountain south to the campsite. This apparently has been off for 20 years.

Laurie P.
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