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Teacher & Snacktime


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No Hiker Left Behind....Part Two

“What a beautiful day” Teacher started to say, as she reached out and hoisted her pack.
Once it was lifted she squirmed and she shifted until it set onto her back.
The pack weight was more than she'd dealt with before. “It's awfully heavy” she sighed.
(Last night she'd been packing and sleep she was lacking and thus it had never been tried.)

But Snacktime whose pack was secure on his back was already off at a tear.
So off she went too to keep up with the crew; the weight was just something she'd bear.
Thus hiked the pair in the brisk winter air, enjoying the woods and the weather,
and Snacktime would stride ever close by her side; another fine day spent together.

Over dale, over hill, they continued until both her spirit and muscles were tired.
And after some distance her knees gave resistance and definitely rest was desired.
She felt a small pop and the jolt made her stop with the fear of hurt muscle or sinew,
but she started again with no sign of pain, which left her with hope to continue.

Now Askus had led all the others ahead for lunch-breaking at Island Pond.
Too late for a sup by the time they caught up, T & S just kept plodding along.
Then some were so kind as to linger behind and slow their own pace to a crawl,
(or maybe they knew the next mile or two would prove to be toughest of all.)

Joined now by a few who instinctively knew that extra support might be needed,
off they all made to become lemonade; yes, on to the Squeezer they headed!
Elf, Kevin and Socks led them down to the rocks that would prove that day's greatest of trials
(they'd waited all day for this chance at rock-play and just couldn't suppress their big smiles).

Elf got it started and delved where rocks parted too narrowly for him to fit.
Snacktime was next and quite clearly perplexed on just how he would make it.
Packs were all shed and Kevin then led everyone through the rock shelf.
With groans and some grunts and scrambling stunts, most reunited with Elf.

The end within reach, they were all (except Teach) having a well-deserved rest.
Tired indeed she still fought to succeed; her mettle was put to the test.
She could not get her knees to bend 90 degrees and reach where the others were standing,
so bracing her tush she gave one mighty push, heaving herself to the landing.

Next was the scramble through boulders and brambles o'er deadfall with footing uncertain.
Elf and A-Kevin went bidding for Heaven in trying to scale the sheer curtain.
For those that eschew any trail that is blue, please be aware of the fact
that the “easy” of Squeezer is only a teaser and will still have you breaking your back!

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