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Published my AT book "Walking Upright" for free - read it here

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Hello fellow woodland wanderers. 3 years and 1 month ago at age 21 I hiked North-South the entire state of Virginia on the AT. It was a life changing experience, as it is for many of us. For me it was especially so as I ended up with lyme disease and CFS, which I am still recovering from. But much more importantly it was a journey of deep awakening, as well as lots of fun! I was almost blinded in the Wilderness by exploding water purification chemicals, I encountered drunk hill-billies, bears, snakes, kindly locals and was molested by a gay midget wrestler!

I wrote the entire thing up into a book. After seeking 'traditional' publication for a while and not getting any luck, I've gone ahead and published my entire book for free! It's on Devtome, an open source project. You can read it here:

Walking Upright - The Appalachian Trial in Virginia

Pictures are included too!

I'd be interested to hear your comments.
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