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T minus 30 hours

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Last "regular" morning. Tomorrow afternoon I start my public transportation journey to GA. Since I committed myself to this start date have only been able to get 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. Been waking up at 3:00 to 4:00AM and the mind starts up with the planning/preparations and it's pointless trying to go back to sleep. Have been reading everything I can here at WB and anywhere else trying to learn from others. I know my pack is to heavy, but refuse to remove anything until I start and really realize what items are truly unnecessary. Looking forward to what I hope is truly a life enhancing/changing journey, I hope I have not built this up to more than what this it really is. Well here goes.....
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  1. Julio's Avatar
    Good luck to you my fellow hiker. I can sympathize with the sleepless nights and anxiousness. I always get like that just before a journey. Lucky for you that you start tomorrow. I must endure another 13 months before I leave for my thru hike. luckily I ill be doing a few section hikes In preparation. Wishing you health and happiness along the way. Julio
  2. Kobayashi_Maru's Avatar
    Thank You.

    Good do luck with your progress!