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Android App: Appalachian Trail Weather

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Quote Originally Posted by Shutter View Post
I wanted to make some of you all aware of an app I created a couple years ago to show weather forecasts based on specific locations on the trail.

Simply enter the mile you're interested in, it'll show you the nearest 5 shelters, by clicking on a shelter it'll show you the weather forecast for that particular shelter. I base all forecasts on the GPS coordinates of each shelter as well as predict the actual temperature by calculating the difference in elevation from the weather station and the shelter. In the Smoky mountains this can be close to 15 degrees difference.

The app uses an incredibly small amount of data to get a weather forecast; less than 1kb total. I made it this way so one can get a quick forecast even with a weak signal.

The app is free, I made it for the community, not to profit.

Give it a look, let me know if there are any improvements that I can make. Right now it doesn't show radar. If I can find a reliable and free source then I'll add that at some point but probably not for 2014.


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-Shutter NOBO 2011
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