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Wise Old Owl

NORO virus how it is spread, some ideas

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My daughter thru hiked the AT last year. She hiked in a small bubble. About half her group got the NORO virus, she did not. The group talked about the virus and what to do to not get it, yet still half did. I asked what her thoughts were on who did and who did not. 1st she washed her hands and rinsed in pumped water. Same for cooking utensils. She got sick years ago from contaminated cookware so she learned this lesson. She did not share food. She did not share other things you put in your mouth that burn. Just before Erwin while camping at a stream one night people started puking. They first went to the stream to clean up. They skipped shelters and camped prior to or after a shelter at a stream as did many others. The group broke up as the sick stayed behind. Thinking back things she noticed. Those who treated water from streams did not let the Aqua react for 5 min, they waited at most 1 min and when it turned yellow they poured it into their bottle. The water is always cold, they started using it 15 min later not waiting a full 30 for cold water. Some said well I am also boiling it, but in fact it they merely brought it to a boil and used it. Seeing what her group did and how they used the streams, she thinks the streams are the source of contamination along with all the campsites and shelters. It is spread by contact. 50% of her group had become sources for spreading the virus. She thinks the simple act of washing your hands and utensils in purified water and not sharing items and food was why she did not contact the virus. Watch people, watch their habits, you will soon pick out the ones that will get sick and the ones who "may" not. The virus will be out there this year also. Pay attention to the directions on purifying water, pay attention to what you use untreated water for. Pay attention to where you camp, as the night before someone may have been sick in the very spot you are camped.
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