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AT Experience Checklist

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In the idea of a bucket list, what places on and off the trail should be considered essential to the AT experience? I don't mean for a thru-hiker, but for anyone interested in getting an appreciation for the AT. This could include hikes, (easy, hard, ridiculous), views, shelters, hostels, towns, individuals/legends....anything that should be checked off on a list with the heading:

I'll never hike all of the Appalachian Trail, but I've gotten to see:

....and yes, I absolutely plan on compiling any contributions to make this list for Snacktime and myself. Since I plan to break it up by state, please identify the location of your suggestions. Thanks!
In Franconia Notch, NH: If you have time, and/or don't care if you blue blaze a few miles, consider after crossing I-91 in Franconia State Park making a right hand turn and taking the Pemi Trail or the paved walkway that runs parallel to it approx. 3/4 mile south to The Flume. It's a paid admission boardwalk type loop hike through a very scenic and interesting, but tourist centered, canyon area. Leaving there, head back north on the Pemi Trail, but do not turn right back onto the AT/Liberty Springs Trail. Instead, follow the Pemi Trail about 2 miles further north and turn right (east) onto the Falling Waters Trail. It parallels the Liberty Springs Trails (AT), but is a much more beautiful hike up through a cascading stream area with many waterfalls as the name suggests. Not recommended in freezing conditions. It intersects (rejoins) the AT/Franconia Ridge Trail at the summit of Little Haystack Mountain just south of Mounts Lincoln and Lafayette. I think the only reason the AT isn't routed over Falling Waters is to keep the hiker traffic down as it is a very popular trail [It is part of one of the most used/abused day loop hikes in the Whites - Old Bridle Path to Greenleaf to Franconia Ridge/AT to Falling Waters]
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