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Mitchell McMahon

Oh boy I'm actually about to leave...(2-27-14)

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Well it has been crazy trying to get ready for my thru hike. My mind is in the right place (what ever that means) and my stuff is all sprawled out and I have checked it over and over again. My last item which was a water proof case for my camera came in the mail today which just completed my pack. I don't have the exact weight of my pack down yet but I'll probably do that tomorrow.

It was really nice talking to my brother on the phone as well and hearing how sweet he thought my whole trip was. He wishes me the best and I do the same to him as well.

My only thoughts/worries I have are dealing with boarding a plane and getting on the MTRAK to get to my hostel and (most of all) will I actually be able to do the whole trail.

I know I've told so many people about doing the entire thing but actually doing it. Holy ***** it is going to be hard.

I don't mean hard as in working a full time job and keeping a social life and school on the right track.

I mean hard as in I know sooner or later I will reach a point where I am soaking wet, tired, and soar and still have to keep going to prove to people that I actually can do this and most of all to prove to myself on what I am worth.

Of coarse if I break a leg thats one story but I can't come home and have some one ask me "oh Mitch why didn't you finish?" and say back to them "oh it was kinda crappy weather for a few days and I had a blister so I was done" there is no way I could ever forgive myself for that.

I know I am putting my relationship through allot with my girlfriend and my family but I hope (and know) at the end it will all be worth it and I will be able to hold my head up and know that I accomplished something great.

Thats all I want. Well besides all the great experiences that came with it.

Last note: I know this is a public journal but I'm trying to be straight forward so that when I, myself can look back on this and read it and remember how I felt.

Wish me luck.

Ishmael (Mitchell McMahon)
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  1. attroll's Avatar
    Congrats and have phun. Hike your own hike.