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Boy Scouts rescued from unexpected snow on Appalachian Trail - Lynchburg News and Adv

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Boy they really did get some snow. All I have to say about that is that the forecasters up here completely borked the forecast. We had wintry mix all day long on Sunday instead of rain changing over to mix in the evening with highs in the mid to upper forties. I never saw higher than 34!!! Saturday was also somewhat sideways. That said, I had planned on taking the kids and my wife (all experienced backpackers) out for an overnight prep hike this weekend and took one look at the (wrong) forecast and said, uh, no. As much as I like to challenge myself, hiking needs to have some element of fun and hiking all day in the rain just isn't my idea of fun. All day in the snow is, however. But you have to be prepared for it or it's mighty uncomfortable.

+1 to the slimy sensational reporting. This crap is everywhere now, even on formally "reputable" outlets like CNN. And as for the scouts, well, they should have been prepared for any weather. But remember, Boy Scouts is boy-led with adult supervision. If I had been the Scoutmaster I would have had the SPL hold a quick council to make a decision on what to do and then guide them if that decision wasn't truly safe enough to be acted on. That's what helps the boys develop leadership skills, especially during a stressful situation like that. As it was, though a bit embarrassing, they all made it out ok. And, ultimately, that's the most important thing.
+1 - as a long time ago Scoutmaster
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