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warld piece

It's ABlazing how the time goes bye... .. .

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It's been over a decade since my thru-hike attempt, I was 21 then and sure i'ld finish that summer. The Trail life was one of the best times of my life. If we are all oysters in this madearn Warld then the Trail is where you find the ones with pearls inside.
I started in Georgia, and had good luck from the 1st day. To many stories for here. However, after Trail days I left Damascus and did a 28 mile day to Thomas knob shelter where wearing my hat low I walked into the edge of the roof and busted my head open. I should have got stitches, but had to wait till morning to hike out and hitch home to heal. While healing at home I was offered the chance to go to a real old fashioned log cabin summer school. I made the right choice and went. The teacher was one of the best people I ever met, and became a good friend of mine. Sadly he soon got leukemia and past away.
I didn't think it would be this long before getting back to the AT, but I was hit by a van going about 50mph on my motorcycle 5 yrs ago. I made a pack out of tree bark ( native american design) and just finished waterproofing it. I added the back and straps from a backpack to it. I grew up learning handmade brooms and other craft skills in my family. I hope to set out mid-April from Thomas knob shelter and see how my body holds up for a few weeks then go from there. I also plan to be at Trail days. I look forward to the nature and the people on the trail.
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