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My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017

A couple of little things...

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Mrs. Otter is such a trooper. Dental work done on Friday (tooth extraction and crown work), a rest day for Saturday and a 6 mile hike with a weighted pack (20# for mine 10# for hers) and then she felt crappy the rest of the day. Weíve got to learn pacing I guess.


Went to endocrinologist and gained 5 pounds in the last 4 months. WonderfulÖ.(that is sarcasmÖ)


Now Friday was a very crappy day. I packed my lunch and left my insulin at home! Yay me!

I did not realize it until I had stopped to eat my lunch and checked my sugar which was at 215. Went to get my insulin to correct and eat my lunch because I was sooo hungry, starving really and saw that my insulin was nowhere to be found and there was no way I could go home to get it!


So I didnít eat until 5:24 when I was leaving my last stop and checked my blood sugar and finally was 46 so I could eat something (a Cliff Bar.)

I got home at 6pm and was 182 when I ate supper. A little higher than I wanted but it was ok since I cannot recall the last time I had a day with NO insulin. I think the last time was back when I was on a pump and the pump ran out just before we ordered dinner. That was a fun night too. I got back to insulin in a couple hours so it wasnít that bad.

I consider Friday good practice for not panicking and staying calm until I could get back home. I didnít let it ruin my day. I made it through ok and Iím on the other side and all is well again.