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My wife and I are planning to thru hike the AT in 2017

A day in the life....

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Went hiking with 27 pounds on my back. We went a little over 6 miles. Wow! I got quite the workout today. Plus the raking and mowing of the yard.

For those who are curious my blood sugar log went like this:

5:53am (I slept way late!)116I took 28units lantus and 5 units for a 75 carb breakfast plus 2 extra units because I always spike 2 hours after I get up.

7:35am179(See the spike? Without this correction from above I would be close to 300. A fasting baseline is important to track these patterns that we all have.)

10:25am lunch33 Lunch was a 40g. of carbs sandwich with another 20g. carb of fruit.

11:41am150 this was at the start of my hike. I ate a smores luna bar 27g. carb.

12:35pm112 ate Ĺ a Cliff bar for 20g. carb.
1:36pm111 ate the other Ĺ of the Cliff bar for another 20g. carb.
2:07pm109 at the finish!
2.53pm118 at Dunkin Donuts for a Decaf Almond Something iced coffee!

3:42pm129 Donít judge me but we had a early supper.
8:39pm135 This is after raking and mowing.

This is what I would call a good day Tater.