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Teacher & Snacktime

What is it about Damascus?

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Last September Snacktime and I made our first trip to Damascus. We rode the Creeper Trail and stopped at the Café and had chocolate cake. We hiked the highlands and saw wild ponies. We took photos under the arch. We ate at the Blue Blaze and met "Mayor", had shakes at Dairy King and smoothies at MoJo. We visited Mt. Rogers Outfitters and Sun Dog Outfitters. We visited The Place and met Atlas along with stinky and wonderful hikers and cyclists enjoying their adventures. We stayed with Crazy Larry. We did it all.

We went back for Trail Days and did almost all of it again; it doesn't get old. Damascus epitomizes the "small town" ideal, and we've found it to be the friendliest, most comfortable and relaxing place we've ever visited. On this last trip we discovered where the Food City and other commercial entities were hiding, but this little bit of modern plaza in no way diminished my sense that Damascus is a "Main St." town....probably since even this shopping center was still within walking distance to anywhere else in town.

Leaving Damascus and heading homeward, I asked Snacktime what was his favorite part of our month-long odyssey. I fully expected the thrill of the zip-lines and white water of NOC, or the mud-sifting gem-mining of Franklin, NC, or even his summiting of the 604 steps at Amicalola Falls. These were new and exciting adventures. But he told me it was Damascus....all of it...the entire weekend...hanging with his friends, staying with Larry, riding the Creeper Trail (and cake), hiking Greyson Highlands and seeing the ponies, the milkshakes, and all the stuff going on at Trail Days. It was ALL his favorite. Being in Damascus was his favorite.

I had to agree. I really love that place.

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