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What is the lightest canister stove and pot combination?

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Quote Originally Posted by HooKooDooKu View Post
What I use personally (which seems to ALMOST be as light weight as you can get with commercial products) is the Snow Peak LiteMax with the MSR Titan Kettle.
The Titan Kettle is just the right size to store an MSR canister inside, and utilizing the concave area of the canister, I can include the LiteMax folded up under the canister.

Here's a SORTED list (by weight) of stoves mentioned that I can readily find commercially available (or a modern update that is commercially available).
All weights are rounded to 1 decimal point (some converted from published weights listed by other units).

Fire-Maple Hornet FMS-300T Mini-Stove = 1.6oz
Olicamp Ion Micro Stove = 1.6oz
Olicamp Kinetic Ultra Titanium Stove = 1.7oz
Snow Peak LiteMax = 1.9oz
MSR Microrocket = 2.6oz - excluding piezo igniter
Coleman F1 UltraLight = 2.7oz
MSR Pocket Rocket = 3.0oz
Optimus Crux Lite = 3.3oz
JetBoil Burner = 3.6oz

Here's a SORTED list (by weight) of pots mentioned so-far, that are currently commercially available (or a modern update that is commercially available).
All weights are rounded to 1 decimal point, all volumes are rounded to 100ml unless specified otherwise (some weights/volumes converted from values published in other units).

Snow Peak Titanium bowl = 1.8oz (590 ml) - No Lid
Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot = 3.3oz (700 ml)
Evernew Titanium Ultralight = 3.4oz (600 ml)
Stanco Grease Strainer = ~3.6oz (~2,500 ml) - Kmart Grease Pot**
Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot = 4.1oz (1,000 ml)
Evernew Titanium Ultralight = 4.1oz (900 ml)
MSR Titan Kettle = 4.2oz (850 ml)
Evernew Titanium Ultraligh = 4.6oz (1,300 ml)
Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium = 4.8oz (700ml)
JetBoil Sol (Ti) = 5.1oz (800ml) - Pot+Cozy+Lid
Optimus Terra Solo = 5.6oz (600 ml)
Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium = 6.2oz (900 ml)
JetBoil Sol (Al) = 6.3oz (800ml) - Pot+Cozy+Lid
Olicamp XTS = 6.7oz (1,000 ml)

JetBoil Measurements: http://seattlebackpackersmagazine.co...w-jetboil-sol/
Evernew Titanium Measurements: Amazon.com
Olicamp Measurements: Amazon.com
Snow Peak Measurements: Backcountry.com
Fire-Maple Measurements: www.fire-maple.com
MSR Measurements: www.cascadedesigns.com
Stanco Grease Strainer/Kmart Grease Pot: Amazon.com / www.backpackinglight.com
**Weight for the Stanco Grease Strainer is an estimated weight for pot and lid. The backpacking light article lists a weight of 2.5oz, but Amazon.com lists a weight of 4.8oz. I'm assuming 2.5oz is for pot only.

NOTE: The BPL FireLite has been mentioned, but appears to no longer be available. Some initial googling for the FireLite made me mistakenly think this was a discontinued Evernew pot, hence the listing of Evernew pots even though no one has specifically mentioned them.
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  1. shanesherman's Avatar
    Awesome, thanks for taking the time to put this together.