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Something Missing...

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Hello all, I am a 34 yr old female. Hereís what I am noticing in my life. I have DONE all of the things that a woman is supposed to do. I am mother of handsome 5yr old boy- who's just about to start kindergarten. I just got a promotion in my full time job with supervisory responsibilities that more than pays for the bills without my husbandís support. I have my Bachelor degree. I have my own home in my own name. I started a business, which is mildly successful at least enough to make sure that my bills are paid off or drastically paid down. The only thing that I do not have in order is my health. Yes, I was a big woman 250lbs, though I am working on that. I have already lost 30lbs and I feel better, but not what I should be. I am just getting the feeling that something is missing. I used to be very free spirit, and maybe that is part of the problem. I am feeling very tied down right now. Donít get me wrong I love my son, and I am comfortable in my life. But I have accomplished most of the goals in my life, but still feel that there HAS to be something more- something that I can say that I have done that really has meaning to me. In reality, there are so few of those things I have done that are personal to me, that werenít expected of me.
Yesterday I spent a good part of the day being the busy mother, cleaning and getting ready to go to work. Of course I had no help either. Iím not sure at this point if things with my husband are amendable- we shall see- though I very rarely can take his negativity anymore. What it amounts to is that I am stuck inside too much, and I donít get to burn off the frustration like I used to. I miss being free to do what I want to do and I miss the call of the wild. I used to spend time in nature hiking, fishing, camping, and geocaching. Since my son and business took off those things havenít been happening much either. I also let go those dreams that I had of hiking the Appalachian Trail or biking the Great Allegheny Passageway to D.C.
So I got off work at 7:30 am and decided that today I was going to start focusing more on my personal life. I changed and readied my son, and then I took him for a ride on the bike trail in our hometown. I was pretty happy with a time less than 27 minutes for 3.25 miles. That includes one kid in tow, that doesnít always pedal on his ďCo-PilotĒ bike trailer. I was tired but it felt really good. Hopefully we get to do it again tomorrow, weather pending.
I am not sure what EPIC adventure is first up the A.T. or the G.A.P., but I know this: I am going to start working on getting my body ready for the challenge. If I can do that then I can do either or both of them really.
This will be the first of many journal entries to come. If you would like to track my progress you can watch my activities here. http://www.endomondo.com/profile/5427566 Feel free to add me as a friend here or on Endomondo. I look forward to talking with kindred spirits of the wild....
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