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The Hillbilly Hiker

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The Hillbilly Hiker

Stinkiní of DEET and overworked feet in socks that ainít had a washin,í
Iím hikiní a while for 2000 mile; itís nasty and tough Ė I ainít joshiní.
The skeeters and bugs and them bears like the rugs and small critters that run through the lean-to,
the heat, cold and rain and the aches and the pain make me cuss when I donít even mean to.
But I ainít complaininí, just frankly explaininí how this ainít the fun I was thinkiní,
Still t'ainít no better way to be spendiní my day: just a-hikiní and sweatiní and stinkiní.

Yee haw.

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