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Another Kevin

Northville-Placid Trail, SOBO, starting around October 7

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Just so I don't forget this advice. Not being a fisherman, I suspect that I'm not going to spend weight on fishing gear for a long trip, but I do hike fishy places from time to time.

Quote Originally Posted by Dogwood View Post
Come out and hike a section with me. If you catch 'em, I'll clean 'em and cook 'em.

Does that apply to the dirty dishes in the sink I currently have too? That's a great offer but other hikes are already on the hiking itinerary and I'm scrambling to fit those in between work commitments already.

The NPT is a lower elevation rather very level trail that is IMHO rather an easy stroll. Thinking about all the water the NPT crosses or nears that makes perfect sense. IMO, it's quite a bit easier than many of those Adirondack Park trail miles. But, being that, IMO, it is also more prone to muddy trail nowhere near as rocky as many of the Dak PK trails.

You don't need to get fancy with NPT fishing gear. A cheapy UL Shakespeare telescopic pole w/ decent/or better quality UL spinning reel loaded w 4 lb test and some small spinners(Rooster tails, Panther martins, Mepps, small spoons) and possibly some small plugs like floating Rapalas(F-03 and F-05) http://www.rapala.com/rapala/lures/o...d=rapala-lures is all you need. NY state has 7 day Resident Freshwater Fishing license for $12. http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6091.html
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