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Mileage needed - Pine Grove to Pole Steeple

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Hello all!

This is my 1st post

So back in early October, a buddy and I drove out To Caledonia State Park from Canton, OH. Saturday we hiked from the Overnight A-T Parking Lot in Pine Grove Furnace to Route 30. We each had issues with our MapMyRun app, but we figured that was about 21.2 mile jaunt?

Sunday, I drove back up to Pine Grove Furnace. I wanted to check out the ATM. BUT I was there too early. After talking to a (awesomely nice) PGF park ranger, I decided to bide my time waiting for the ATM to open, by hiking north from yesterday's starting point at the parking lot to the blue blaze Pole Steeple trail, to the overlook, back down to laurel lake to the Biker-Hiker Trail to the A-T back to my car. A perfect 'get away hike', while waiting for the ATM to open and then head back to Ohio.

My question is, does anyone know the mileage from the Overnight Parking Lot to the blue blaze Pole Steeple trail?? I am trying to update my A-T mileage, and need this tiny section to add to my total. I would venture to guess it's between 2.5 and 3.5 miles? I did look at the A-T mileage calculator, but it doesn't offer the blue blaze trail intersection as an option.

Ant help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx so much, and happy to be 'here'.