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A New Adventure and a New Life pt. 2

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Over the course of prepping for this journey, I have come to realize that everyone has their reasons for making the decision to walk five million steps, willingly (WHAT?!). My story, while different from JB’s, sounds eerily similar to some I have heard recently. Bottom line…I need to find myself.

As JB said, our story begins in Orlando, FL, where we met. I was running from a life in Indiana and decided to take a job in Florida for change. I had an unhappy home life and craved the love I found in JB. Unfortunately, my flaws and poor decisions almost led me to losing him. We made a choice to try and salvage what we could and move to Vegas. I have to admit, I love Vegas…and he loved Orlando. I will be sad to leave here when it is time to head to Georgia, but my sadness does not compare to the happiness I have in my heart when I see the love of my life literally LIGHT UP when we talk about our upcoming journey.

I kind of got ahead of myself on why we are leaving Vegas. Short version: my poor ability to make REAL choices broke the home we attempted to create and again, I found myself almost losing him. We found ourselves at a crossroads –walk together or walk away – the latter was not an option. So, here we are, prepping for what is to be the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life.

JB is so prepared. He is, to simply put, a walking Wikipedia page about the AT. He knows the shelters and the mountains. He can recite our itinerary and tell you anything you need to know about the history. He has lists and lists of equipment we need and knows the hiker consumer ratings of all the products we need to purchase to be successful. I know in my heart and mind that I can trust him with my life while we are out there. I hope I will be able to show him just how much.

With all of that being said, I cannot wait to submerge myself 100% in the beauty of the AT and everything it has to offer. My mind and soul have never needed anything more. The solitude of walking in the quiet and surrounded by nature is something I NEVER imagined me doing. I need the accomplishment and the trust I will build within. I know not every day is going to be perfect, but I have the perfect partner and for me, that is worth more than anything.

This may be his dream, but this is my last chance at getting it right… so, BRING IT.

Stacy aka Redemption


  1. harrio82's Avatar
    Awesome story Stacy. I was following JB on here about a year or so ago and was disappointed that he didn't launch, but I found you guys again and I'm happy to see you're doing it. Good luck to you and please write a book about your journey when you're finished. I hope to maybe come out and see you guys on the trail at some point. Keep posting!!
  2. harrio82's Avatar
    Post some pics.