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Johnny Walker R.E.D.

Approach trail

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Do Not Do - nothing like the beginning of the actual trail. First day was cold, wet, and rainy. The night was pretty much the same.

Day two on the trail, however, was just the opposite of the first day. The weather was beautiful. The trail was still difficult but the beautiful surroundings were rewarding. Met a lot of nice people on the trail already-- both locals and hikers. Wonderful stories are being shared. Met a guy from New Zealand, a young couple who quit their jobs, one guy who just sold his home in Florida and decided to do the trail, several retirees, and wonderful local people wiling to share tips on the terrain and how to hike the trail. Great day overall.
Burning ankles, toes, and hips! Ha!ha!
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  1. Johnny Walker R.E.D.'s Avatar
    Stopped at suches at woody gap after another rainy day and night to dry out my saturated gear and to get the toe blisters taken care of. Good advice from great people on the trail. So a rest day and I'd like to ad that one thing about the AT. You meet wonderfull people from all over that includes hikers, locals,and those wonderfull trail Angels.