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Johnny Walker R.E.D.

Woody's Gap

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After a zero day, I took back to the trail. Toes were fine the first 4 miles but then came the burning. I just hiked through it. The rain and fog kept me from seeing any sites on the trail -- it was just me and the trail. My next big test is Blood mountain, the highest mountain in Georgia. It was made for mountain goats.

Headed up Blood Mountain and the views on top were fantastic and worth the hike. Headed down to Neels Gap to stay at the outfitter hostel. Everyone should visit this area whether on foot or car. Trail Angels from Florida brought us a fantastic dinner! This group comes once a year just to provide good food. They also reinforce the message that there are those still out there who not only "talk the talk, but walk the walk"!

Heading to Lowes Shelter and hearing that we are supposed to have 20 and 30 degree weather for the weekend. Yikes!

3/28/15 - It has been cold, wet, and rainey most days --again! LOL! Hiked back-to-back 11.5 mile hikes followed by a 9.5 mile hike. It was more than I meant to do, and my feet have paid the price. When I got to Unicoi Gap, I called and got a ride to Helen, GA. It is a beautiful Germanic looking town with very nice people. With regard to my feet, I have taken advice from other hikers and did a day's rest and decided to try "Duct" tape on my toes. The results have been fairly good.

3/29/15 - Hiked about 6 miles today. Today was the first day since I started hiking that the feet felt like they did not get worse. I feel that I may have found a system that may work. At least it didn't feel like I was walking every step of the way in pain. I'm spending the night in a shelter on Tray Mountain with some fellow hikers--"Lightbulb", "Harley", "Nipple Nalgean", and another hiker named "John". It is supposed to be a cold, rainey night but for the first time I will be in a dry shelter!

Sorry it has been so long in between posts, but the blisters took precedent! :-)
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