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Start Date is March 1, 2016

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I have decided on starting with people like a normal hiker this time. My last two thru-hike attempts started on December 8th and February 10th. Those dates were a little too early for someone with limited experience. Don't get me wrong, it can easily be hiked starting those dates, but when I say easy, I mean for an experienced hiker. I have decided to take this time to prepare more than ever and start with the rest of the group on March 1st. No more trying to be the tough guy and odd man out. I am excited to see my first trail magic and actually hike with a bigger group of people. Also, I am excited to know that all of the businesses will be open. I admit, it will be hard to sit here and wait all the way until March, but it is for the best. I will actually be at Amicalola State Park on February 28, 2016 so I can get a good start and get to Black Gap Shelter by the 1st in order to start off Springer on the 1st.