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The Big 3 - Gear

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I have not gotten all of my gear yet NOR my Big 3, but I can tell you now what I am probably going to purchase. On my second attempt, I had the Gregory Z65 Pack (3 lbs 9 oz)and it was a beautiful and comfortable pack. I loved that pack very much. It was around $239.00 if I remember right. I will tell you now that it was worth every single dime. I have heard that Osprey has outstanding customer service though, so I may consider going in their direction if I can find something better than the Gregory. I can tell you this...As I watch "August" and his AT vids on YouTube, I have seen that REI's packs with their name on it is something that they will NOT stand by. He has had the same pack twice and it has ripped both times. They will not replace them. So, I may just stick with the Gregory.

Speaking of REI, I will recommend their tents. Last time, I had the REI Quarter Dome 3 and it was perfect. I had an extra person with me though, so I may not need something that big this time. It was easy to assemble, spacious, and light. It was expensive though at $379.00. It only weighed 4 lbs 3 oz. I am probably going to go with a different tent this year. If you have any suggestions out there, feel free to put it in my guestbook.

In terms of sleeping bag, last year, I went with the Kelty Ignite 16. It was a wonderful sleeping bag and I recommend it to everyone. I will probably get the same sleeping bag this time. There was times that I was HOT and I hiked in the winter. Because I am leaving later, I may consider a cooler sleeping bag though. This one was $269.95. It weighed 2 lbs 11 oz and was easy to deal with.

These are more than likely going to be the same gear I take this year. In my opinion, not too bad of a big three despite the $890 price tag. The weight for the three was pretty good too at 11 lbs basically.
I already have the MSR Pocket Rocket to cook with and the Sawyer Mini Filter for my water. I would recommend both of those to any new hikers out there. I believe the Pocket Rocket is $40 and 3 oz and the water filter is $25 and 2 oz.