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The Most Amazing Email

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You know, for as much as I typically talk about how the hiker community on Trail Journals and White Blaze can be a pain in the a**, I have to admit that today I received an email that warmed my heart. There are a lot of times that this actually happens and I fail at times to speak on it. About 90% of the hiker community that I meet online are WONDERFUL people. There is always the 10% that are bitter or mad or just flat out a$$holes. With that being the case, I think I dwell on the negative more than the positive.

Well, today I got an email from a guy that said my videos have inspired him. I do my videos and journaling for myself, but I always love it when someone tells me that it inspired them. Today's email seriously made my day. One email said that I was a breath of fresh air to the community while this one said that I am the type of person that he and his wife hopes that he meets on the trail.

Well, a good reason for that is because every on here is so PC...look at the youtube videos and you will see what I mean. I happen to be one of the few people that speak with my emotions and typically ALWAYS come with a real message whether you like it or not. There are FAR MORE people that appreciate than people that don't.

When I get emails from the people that do, it makes documenting this journey and sharing it with you people ALL THE MORE worth while.

Thank you to that gentleman for his email and it made my day.

I look forward to seeing you in March my friend. Keep the dream alive and never let anything kill it. Especially the people and keyboard warriors that we spoke of in the email. These people simply just gotta understand that hikers come in all walks of life and not everyone is going to think the same. Some of us are going to be the complete opposite of what is expected...

That is what makes the trail so great...THE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS.