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25 Years of Adventure

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This year marks our 25th wedding anniversary. It's been an adventure all on its own. The year we got married, and a number of times after, we visited the Whites in NH. We did a little day hiking, took the Cog to the top of Mount Washington, and hiked the flat stuff. My employment drew us away to Southern Maryland and we eventually found alternate outdoor activities. Sailboat racing is what we did: http://youtu.be/YPykEpmHh3Y

Now that the kids are away in college, it's time to get back to business and finish what we started back in 1990. Time to hike to the summit of Mount Washington...and begin planning to do the whole AT. I've spent the past 6 months refurbishing our gear and upgrading to better lighter stuff. I was horrified when google searches of my favorite trusty gear (Kelty Tioga, Peak-1 model 400 stove, etc.) were met with words like "vintage". Well, crap, have I grown so old that I'm now vintage? Of course not.

I plan to use this journal area to document our adventures, the 1st of which will be the summit of Mount Washington for our 25th anniversary.


  1. paule's Avatar
    Love your videos and hope to see more.Congrats on 25 years....