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Why you need an REI membership...

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I've recently started working at REI and I love it!

REI is a co-op. And sells membership.

For a one time $20 membership fee, you too can become a member for a lifetime.

Here's a few reasons why to join:

It's $20
You get 10% back on eligible purchases each year in dividend form
The garage sell is members only which sells returned stuff for up to 80% off
Coupons, special deals, etc...holler!
Discounted prices on shop services
Discounts on outdoor school and instructional classes
The membership lasts a lifetime
Online purchases apply for the dividend too
You never have to keep up with your receipts because your purchases are saved under your member number
You get 10% back on all eligible purchases
Who doesn't like to save money?

So come see me if you want an REI membership
Adventure is out there, don't be dauntless and afraid!
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