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Continued Training

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We went to our favorite park, Red Mountain, yesterday. Let the dogs run in the enclosed dog park before the hike to let Gypsy work off her nervous "I'm riding in the car OMG!" energy and then went onto the trail. She's now wearing the backpack, although it's probably not going to make the trek on the AT: it's too small, old and starting to fall apart. But for a pack that's a good 10 years old, it's allowed to die. She's just getting used to the idea of wearing a pack over her harness and so far doesn't seem to care.

Some of this training is getting my body used to the work, getting my soul used to the pain I'm in and just pushing through it. I do worry that I'll have to rest and take zero days in the middle of nowhere...but for now, I'm working on my strength and stamina. So yesterday's hike was after a short yoga session to try and work out the knot in my erector spinae (or the fascia of that muscle).

It's almost like I'm steering a team of horses with these two. But over time, they're starting to work in tandem and we worked on "slow down" on down slopes and "go ahead and pull" on up hills. They both stop and turn if they hear a slipping sound from behind them - so I'm proofing that by sliding my foot every so often. We made it up the trail rated "most difficult" with ease and then across the rope bridge to the treehouse like it was a regular bridge. I'm proud of them and they certainly earned their Hardee's burger on the way home.

I need to get a pack, whether it's the one I'll use or another just for now, so I can get used to carrying weight on my back while hiking around here.

One step at a time. Today's an off day since it's pouring and why slog through the rain if we don't have to.

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  1. Shirl's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a good plan. Shenandoah NP is a great place to start. I was there in late July and it was a little warm. Good luck and have fun.

    I have hiked on the AT for a few years and don't live too far from you. Send me a message if you want to get together and talk trail.