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I may have scared myself a bit

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Maybe I need to stop reading everyone else's blogs and posts and comments, because they make it seem as though this is a VERY EXPENSIVE endeavor and I'll never be able to afford to do it.

I need to remind myself that I'm only planning on doing a small section. That I don't need top-of-the-line gear, especially if it turns out that I hate it (doubtful). I need to remind myself that I can MAKE a lot of the things I'll need -- I have a sewing machine, a ton of webbing and straps and clips and such (being a dog collar maker has it's perks LOL).

I need to not allow myself to get spooked about "don't bring dogs!" posts. I'm not going to hike thousands of miles. Probably not even hundreds. Joker and Gypsy will be happier WITH me on the trail than left home. I hope.

And the biggest thing to remember: The trail isn't going anywhere. So what if it takes me longer to get there than I'd hoped? I don't need to rush. I don't have a set timetable. I'll get there when the time is right, when I'm able to get the gear I need without breaking the bank (oh, the joys of being impoverished.) My body will NEVER be ready, but my soul is. And I think that matters more than anything.

It'll happen. Stop freaking out about it all. It'll happen.
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  1. GrandCanyonWildflowr's Avatar
    I was also intimidated by the endless budgets of many contributors. A trip to REI only scared me further! My base weight is a little over eight pounds and is both comfortable and economical. My lightweight gear does not pack down as tiny as the commercial gear.
    If you keep looking, you will find some genius hacks to save money. I have followed the instructions to create a bugnet from sheers and an alcohol stove. The DIY link is quite helpful. Google other sources.
    I purchased my 20 oz. backpack on ebay, my aluminum cooking cup at Walmart, reuse a tent tarp, homemade bugnet. To my hammock I have hand sewn on insulation (layering foam flooring, emergency blanket, finished with a tablecloth). Bulky, but toasty. I may add another sheer over to keep it all together and coordinate with the bugnet. The straps I purchased are too heavy, so I have sewn some from an online guide.
    My sleeping bag consists of two fleece bags, one inside the other. I sleep cold. They make a great wrap in the chilly morning.
    Keep looking for the sales. Found a great deal on poles. My sleep pants were heavily discounted men's xl. A fleece top and spa socks finish the ensemble. I'm just sleeping in them!
    Hiking clothes? Silk tops, skirt with pockets. I did purchase the convertible pants, but prefer to hike in a skirt and/or leggings.
    Just pay attention to the weight on everything, even if it is not official hiking gear.
    Above all, have faith in yourself and trust your knowledge.