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The Wanna Bs 2016 Hike

Preparation for 2016 Walk

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I read so many journals a couple of years ago and spent hours reading here as well as reading my books about hiking the AT, but I had to start focusing on my job and my family. Now I feel almost like I am starting over. It seems as though the AT is no longer the AT I have read about. I hope all the negative hype I am now seeing is an exaggeration.
In any case, the time has come. We decided to do it a year early, thinking that we will be lucky to be able to complete the walk at our age and we best not push it.
Now don't take that to mean that we are not determined to finish the hike, for we are. We just recognize that we are not young and the future is uncertain.
With that in mind, we have decided to do the less conventional hike and do a flip-flop. I don't want to start in the exact middle because I want to get the majority of the hike done before Katadin, yet be sure to get to Katadin before it is closed even if we take our time. Then we can go back to our starting point and travel SOBO to Springer.
As I type this first official notice that we are going in 2016 makes my whole body tingle with anticipation.
Bob retires this month. I take a leave in March. We hope to start our hike on our anniversary, April 14th.
We have done two long hikes before this. One 3 day, 28 mile hike, and one nearly 100 mile, 10 day hike. We have not climbed mountains on either of these hikes so we know it is not comparing apples to apples. I hope that the many who say, "we trained by hiking" or "there is no way to prepare for the AT besides hiking the AT" are at least partially correct.
I also hope also that determination is as important as many say. The fact that I hiked the majority of the 100 mile hike with a stress fracture in my foot speaks to my determination. Still there were times during that hike with my foot aching, wet, cold, and discouraged that I said, "why am I doing this anyway." Still the satisfaction of accomplishment was wonderful and the beauty of the those woods still entices me to do another hike through them. But the call of the AT is strong and loud and grows stronger with every day and every step of preparation.
We have our primary gear. We may need to do a little weeding but our weight is down quite a bit. We will be hammock hikers. I want to blog for the benefit of friends and family at home, but am not sure of which venue. I am thinking of doing it as a fund raiser maybe for clean water in impoverished countries as the fact that the 100 mile hike was a fund raiser helped keep me going in spite of intense pain.
Mostly right now I want advice as to where to start. Advice as to where to blog. Advice as to how how we go about getting up to date info on the trail while we hike.

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