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Its Official! and a Brief introduction

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Today I told my boss about my plans to hike the AT in its entirety. I don't know what I really expected but things didn't go as well as I had hoped or as bad as I feared. He was more supportive than I expected while still trying to convince me to put it off a few more years. I am holding onto the part where he said "if it is something you want, then you HAVE to do it." He was referring to the future but April IS the future.

Any way I AM doing this! I told myself a couple years ago I would start saving and I have managed to put away little by little to where I believe I have enough without going into debt. Lets hope anyway.

A little about me.
I am 28 from NC and have been backpacking since I was 14. My church councilor took a group of guys out to Linville Gorge. While out there he told me about this 2000 mile trail that people walk from start to finish. The trail has been on my mind ever since.

I planned to hike it after highschool, but I had no money. Planned to hike it after college, again no money. Well after working for a few years I have managed the money part, but I have no time. Two years ago after a friend completed the trail and I followed her blog all season, I told myself that the time had come. I have to set a goal. So I did. I told my self 2016 was the year! I am and have been nervous about my money, my fitness, my gear, BEARS, and worse mice ever since. But my biggest worry is that I won't finish.

My gear.
I plan to sleep in a hammock with a tarp. This has become my preferred method of camping and I find I sleep more comfortably than on the ground. Over the last few years I have slowly become more and more a lightweight hiker vs and heavyweight camper. By that I mean I carry less weight and hike farther vs. carrying a lot of camping luxuries and spending more time in camp than hiking. Though I do love both I find I am just as content in camp with my lightweight pack as I was with my heavy one.
I have a diy ray way backpack (no affiliation) that I made specifically for the AT. I have tried it a few times and like it, though I don't suggest it if you have more than 20 lbs to carry on average.
Some warm clothes and quilts about sum up my pack. I will do a more thorough "whats in my pack" closer to my start date.

Which brings me to my start date. I just registered on the ATC website for Monday, Aprill 11, 2016. Hoping to be just behind the March bubble.
I hope to continue with posts throughout my thru.

--Brett (hopefully a sweet trail name before long)--

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  1. rissa111's Avatar
    Good luck on your journey Brett! Keep us all posted! 😀