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5 days backpacking in Shenadoah: what would you recommend?

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Disclaimer: I do not know Distances for this Hike but it could be pieced together with a Map

I think you can link together these highlights using various trails:

Start at Old Rag Parking area, hike Ridge Trail to Old Rag Summit, Continue on Berry Hollow Fire Road to White Oak Canyon Parking, take White Oak Canyon Trail to Lower and Upper white Oak Canyon Falls, Continue to Skyline Drive Day 1

From Skyline Drive / Hawksbill Gap Parking (continued from above) (you can either Walk Skyline or Hitch), take the AT to the Salamander Trail to the Hawksbill Summit, Hike back to AT, take AT to Skyland for Lunch (or Breakfast) Day 2

From Skyland-Continue on AT to Stony Man, Take Stony man Trail, back to AT, Take side trail to little Stony Man, Side trail to Mary's Rock (This is 9 miles), to Pass Mountain Hut (another ~3) Day 3

From Pass Mountain Hut hike to Elk Wallow on AT (~7.5 miles), grab lunch, then back track to the Jeremy's Run Loop (, Depeding on time continue north on AT to Gravel Spring Hut/ parking Lot (5 miles past Elk Wallow) or Front Royal (19 miles from Elk Wallow)Day 4 and Day 5Get Picked up at Elk Wallow, Gravel Springs Parking or Front Royal.

This would allow 3 of the best views (Old Rag, Hawksbill, and Mary's Rock), One of the best falls (White Oak Canyon), some AT, and food at 2 waysides (Skyland and Elkwallow), and Jeremy's Run (I havent done yet but on my list and I hear it is one of the best loops in the park)
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