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Travis McGee, John Muir, and me, still in Cedar Key 10

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Lately, my pal Lefty is doing much better. We spent the MLK three day weekend together in the woods near Chattahoochee, Florida. His back is doing tons better and he was even able to put in a few miles on the trail. To say we had a large time would be an understatement. Even though I was diligent and put in quite a few miles walking on the trails at Torreya SP, I did succumb to the pressure to cut loose and broke training one night. The lure of good bourbon and fine cigars around a warm, vibrant campfire was beyond my ability to resist. The next day, we were able to placate our respective spouses for our unabashed evening of "howling at the moon" by being on our best behavior the rest of the weekend and providing them with victuals of gastronomic splendor.

The secret to our outdoor cooking prowess is the best, freshest ingredients, careful preparation, and what we refer to as the "Wokasurus". A creation of Lefty's, the Wokasuarus is a 24'' Harrow Disk purchased from a farm supply outlet. He sandblasted the rust proofing paint off of it, filled in the opening in the bottom that the plow's spindle would go through, and welded two horse shoes on it for handles. After it was seasoned like a cast iron skillet we began experimenting with technics and recipes suitable for the out of doors. Surprisingly, we found there wasn't much we couldn't do on it. We just set it on a generous bed of coals and go to town. We began healing the albeit small rift in our "domestic tranquility" the morning following our breach of sobriety with a Mexican style campfire breakfast. Sauteed green peppers, onions, and Hatches' Green Chili's mixed with par boiled red potatoes, grilled sausage and scrambled eggs, picante sauce, wrapped in toasted tortillas got us back on the road to good graces.

Well tomorrow, Lefty is going to pack up the Wokasaurus. I am going to drive the 50 miles to the closest quality grocery store (Publix for folks with local knowledge) and buy provisions. Ill continue driving across the state and he'll travel south from St. Augustine. We are going to meet in the woods near Mims, Florida. On this trip our brides will not be joining us. We are going without the benefit of adult supervision. Our mission is to set up a camp. We will take cigars and a little whiskey and try very hard to be on our best behavior. The main excuse for our adventure is to take a tour of Kennedy Space Center Thursday during the day. Since David Bowie passed last week that's been on the to do list. That evening we are going to head to the Mims Public Library to listen to David AWOL Miller talk about his experiences on the AT. It's bound to be another large time. We'll return to our homes on Friday hopefully full of newly gained AT information and good groceries.

Lefty has promised he would meet me on the Trail. He'll no doubt have the Wokasaurus and plenty of good food. I'll make sure he brings plenty of Cedar Key clams to steam up. If anyone is in the vicinity you are more than welcomed to share in the feast. We always have more than we can eat. You'll have to provide your own cigars and bourbon.

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    Here's an update on the Poncho and Lefty version of Fat Guys in the Woods.

    We were minimally invasive on the tranquility of our surroundings last night. We are up ready to begin a new adventure. Lefty is making breakfast in the Wokasaurus and we'll be on our way to KSC. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster and we want to be up front and center for the Memorial at 10:00 am. It's going to be a long day. David Miller's talk is at 6:30 pm and were looking forward to that. I brought my AT guide book. I'll get him to autograph it. It will be a nice keepsake. Until later when I am sure to have a tale or two of some kind of mischief Lefty has gotten us into.