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SOBO Gear List Help...

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I don't know if I'm planning too early or not, but I'm trying to figure out my gear list to start a SOBO thru-hike around June 1, 2014 (solo female). So far this is what I have... (weight is in oz)

Shelter: Tarptent Rainbow (34 oz)
Pack: LL Bean Women's AT 55 (50 oz)
Bag: Western Mountaineering Ultralite (38 oz)
Pad: ThermaRest RidgeRest-Small (9oz)

Fancy Feast Stove .2
Aluminum Foil for Windscreen .3
Light My Fire Spork .318
MSR Titan Kettle 4.2
Fuel Bottle for stove**
Water filter**
Camelbak 1.5L Bladder
Waterbottle (Gatorade?)
Zpack large blast foodbag & 50' spectra (Bear bag) .85+

Royal Robbins Zip N Go Convertibles
Under Armor black cold gear leggings
Under Armor Compression Shorts (x2)
Adidas Women's Equipo Soccer Shorts 4.8
EMS Women's Thermo 1/4 Zip 9.5
Synthetic T-shirt
Synthetic LS Shirt
Montbell Thermawrap Jacket (any cheaper suggestions?) 13.7
EMS Womens Thunderhead Rain Jacket 11
Smart Wool Socks (3 pairs)
Sunhat with bug net**
Fleece beanie**
Nike Sports Bra
Trail Runners**
Camp Shoes**

Homemade medkit ~8?
Mylar blanket
Trekking poles**
Duct tape (around water bottle?)
Paper for notes
LL Bean Trailblazer Headlamp 2.7
Iphone 4s in Lifeproof Case + charger

Just a side note, I get cold pretty quickly and would much rather be too hot than too cold.. Hopefully that doesn't cause too much of a problem.

I may very easily have forgotten something, so please point that out. I won't take any offense to your suggestions and comments! They're much appreciated.

I also have not bought a lot of these items yet, so they can very easily be changed if you have any ideas for cheaper items that are of equal or better quality!

** means that I have not chosen a specific item, and I am open to any and all suggestions!
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