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Continued training wtih a twist

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Well, Still continuing the journey of preparing for my first section hike in 27 years. Several months ago I began indoor rock climbing. It is very challenging but I find it totally rewarding. I booked an Ice Climbing day adventure in the White Mountains as went on it this past weekend. It was one of the most thrilling things I have ever done. It was uniquely hard, balance, strength and attention to detail were all necessary. I climbed for 6 hours with a group of 9 others of which I was easily the oldest by a factor of 2. I was thrilled with the way I performed. One of the only climbers to make it up an overhang vertical route. I was also very gratified to be able to help belay the other climbers as I was one of the only ones in the group that was top rope certified. This helped the guides give a better experience to everyone else. I enjoyed being able to help.
This Sunday Im going to do a training Hike through Dogtown Common in Gloucester. Its a 5 mile loop and I want to make 2 laps in 6 hours. Should be an easy pace but I want to get 10 miles under my belt. I'm so stoked to be doing this.,
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