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    NCT- Michigan

    Thread Starter: Danishlongpants

    Looking for a hiking buddy to do the NCT spring/summer 2021 lower or upper MI. Using this hike as a pre-game for a 2022 AT thru hike. PM me if your interested

    Last Post By: Danishlongpants Today, 21:26 Go to last post

    Sky Meadows State Park

    Thread Starter: Coffee

    I'm a proponent of getting off main trails when opportunities arise for great scenery or just a less crowded alternative. In my view, "purity"

    Last Post By: Coffee Today, 21:18 Go to last post
    Bianchi Veloce

    Access to AT from Log Cabin Rd north of Hot Springs, NC

    Thread Starter: Bianchi Veloce

    Can I access the AT from the end of Log Cabin Road just north of Hot Springs?

    Using AWOL's guide, it has Log Cabin Road at mile point 291.2

    Last Post By: oldwetherman Today, 21:17 Go to last post

    DCF vs X-PAC vs Gridstop vs Robic?

    Thread Starter: Coffee

    I've been a little out of the loop on developments in gear over the past couple of years and have noticed that there are now "waterproof" backpacks

    Last Post By: Coffee Today, 21:12 Go to last post

    STARLYTE alcohol stove worlds lytest almost

    Thread Starter: zelph

    The Starlyte weighs in at 16.4 grams. That is the combined weight of the burner and potstand

    Burner is made of 1 wedding favor tin

    Last Post By: Bianchi Veloce Today, 20:57 Go to last post

    Experience with freeze-dried food?

    Thread Starter: RiverbirchHiker

    Do any of you purchase bulk freeze-dried ingredients to prepare your own backpacking meals? This is getting past buying prepared meals from places like

    Last Post By: zelph Today, 20:11 Go to last post