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    Winter and Darkness

    Thread Starter: Glenn

    I've never backpacked in the early Winter. How do you deal with 12 hours or more of darkness? Can't imagine all that time in a tent.

    Last Post By: CalebJ Today, 10:54 Go to last post

    Fire making skills

    Thread Starter: JNI64

    So I make a couple of pretty cool fire starters I'd thought I'd share. And I know it's probably been covered a thousand times but hey I'm bored. 1 is

    Last Post By: JNI64 Today, 10:29 Go to last post

    New On Cookie Lady (Mass)

    Thread Starter: Cosmo

    I mean, News...

    Roy, husband of the Cookie Lady has had a fall and is in rehab. So she will not be as available for hikers as she has in

    Last Post By: guthook Today, 10:17 Go to last post

    Down bag

    Thread Starter: Storminnorman

    Looking at possibly purchasing a new sleeping bag. I think I have narrowed it down to one of these three. They all look good but Iím not sure. The prices

    Last Post By: garlic08 Today, 10:07 Go to last post
    The Mouth

    Dehydrated Recipes

    Thread Starter: The Mouth

    Hey everyone, I am planning on using dehydrated food and freezer bag cooking. Does anyone have any good recipes for this style of cooking? I have a cook

    Last Post By: coach lou Today, 09:57 Go to last post

    Congaree NP

    Thread Starter: devoidapop

    I had to bail on the neusiok trail this weekend, so I'm looking at wandering the trails in Congaree and spending a night backcountry camping. Anyone been

    Last Post By: Mockernut Today, 08:32 Go to last post