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    Trail Inspiration

    Thread Starter: carouselambra

    I was visiting family this past weekend and we stopped by Amicalola on Monday to check out the falls. While there I stopped by the AT registration area

    Last Post By: crisparkle Today, 03:33 Go to last post
    Feral Nature

    Budget 0-degree UL sleeping bags?

    Thread Starter: Feral Nature

    Can yall give me a lead on a reasonably priced 0-degree UL sleeping bag? I am confused by all the choices. Thanks!

    Last Post By: Navento Today, 02:54 Go to last post

    Ghee Packets

    Thread Starter: TexasBob

    I was at the grocery store yesterday and saw something new (at least to me) - ghee in individual packets.

    Last Post By: Navento Today, 02:53 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: gonegonzo

    Can anyone recomend a good quality dehyrated milk powder that is easily found in grocery stores ?

    Last Post By: Navento Today, 02:45 Go to last post

    A question (or two) for the cold sleepers...

    Thread Starter: cr115

    I have a thermarest neo xlite large
    My quilt is a burrow 20 with 2 oz overfill
    Over and under is polycro and a lunar solo
    Ive had

    Last Post By: DuneElliot Today, 01:20 Go to last post

    Spence Field Mice / a force to be reckoned with

    Thread Starter: PatmanTN

    I just got back from a weekend loop in the GSMNP and I'm done with shelters. Here's what happened:I normally don't use the shelters much but I got lazy

    Last Post By: HooKooDooKu Today, 01:15 Go to last post