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    Thru-hiking April 2020

    Thread Starter: wanderlyst

    Starting my thru hike first week of April. Haven't decided if I'm going NoBo or SoBo yet. Hiking with my dog(already started doing extra hiking to prepare

    Last Post By: T.S.Kobzol Today, 19:32 Go to last post

    How worth it is a sleeping pad?

    Thread Starter: wanderlyst

    I've seen a lot of emphasis on sleeping pads and how important they are for warmth and comfort, but i've never used them. I've camped in hot and cold,

    Last Post By: T.S.Kobzol Today, 19:27 Go to last post

    Starting Thru-Hike April 2020, anyone know ASL?

    Thread Starter: wanderlyst

    Wasn't completely sure where to put this, as I did not see any other threads talking about this.

    ASL is my main form of communication,

    Last Post By: wanderlyst Today, 19:03 Go to last post

    NY/CT Section Hike

    Thread Starter: spfleisig

    Planning on starting at the border and shuttling north to hike back to car. 35ish total miles. Anyone know if it's ok to leave a car for two nights at

    Last Post By: BillyGr Today, 16:56 Go to last post

    What are the most common newbie mistakes?

    Thread Starter: lifeisalwaysgood

    I want to avoid the most common mistakes and many of you folks are experts with first hand experience of hiking the Appalachian trail.

    Last Post By: Deadeye Today, 16:53 Go to last post

    Smoky Mountains 2-3 day hike

    Thread Starter: Popnfrsh24

    Hey there!

    Lighthouse here! I was a 2013 NOBOer. I have been back in the "real world" ever since and still miss the trail.

    Last Post By: Paleolith54 Today, 16:42 Go to last post