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    Justifiable homicide

    Thread Starter: JNI64

    Yay finally a good guy wins . Apparently over the weekend at deadman campground in tusilumne Colorado a couple sleeping in their tent a stranger enters

    Last Post By: JNI64 Today, 21:11 Go to last post

    Hiking with 10 days food

    Thread Starter: RockDoc

    Planning 10 days on PCT, Section K, Rainy Pass to Stevens Pass, WA (no resupply at Stehekin). Our packs are dialed in at 20 lbs, but 10 x 2 lbs/day food

    Last Post By: RockDoc Today, 21:04 Go to last post

    Bug Situation in CO

    Thread Starter: fastfoxengineering

    What's the bug pressure looking like this season in the Rockies? Being a high snow year, did everything just melt and now the bugs are horrid?

    Last Post By: fastfoxengineering Today, 20:58 Go to last post

    Your top 3 must haves in your pack?

    Thread Starter: lifeisalwaysgood

    Curious to know from several of you, what are your top 3 items you MUST have in your pack if you are hiking the Appalachian trail?

    Last Post By: LazyLightning Today, 20:55 Go to last post

    Dehydrated beans

    Thread Starter: WesleyCBruce

    I have never used dehydrated beans before. My question is- if dehydrated beans are placed in water and just sit will they absorb the water and be easily

    Last Post By: Traffic Jam Today, 20:28 Go to last post

    Standing Bear Farm

    Thread Starter: jburgasser

    Does anyone have any experience with Curtis and Maria at Standing Bear Farm just past the northern boundry of the Smokies? Planning on mailing a food

    Last Post By: LazyLightning Today, 19:07 Go to last post