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    How to Fund a Thru Hike

    Thread Starter: Perkinse

    Hi everyone, I am planning on thru hiking the AT in March 2021 and I'm just curious as to what some of y'all have done to help fund the trip! I'm currently

    Last Post By: Starchild Today, 10:14 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: spfleisig

    Are there any chemists out here who know wether 1) if you can spray it on a nylon type rain jacket or rain pants, 2) if you do spray it on, does it work

    Last Post By: The Old Chief Today, 10:13 Go to last post

    Knives AND self-defense on A.T.

    Thread Starter: Sporky

    So, when I first (the only time) went on the A.T., I thought I felt pretty comfortable with the place, and the safety aspect. I'm an east coaster, from

    Last Post By: Kittyslayer Today, 10:11 Go to last post

    crazy me and the AT this weekend

    Thread Starter: ZiggySours

    So a friend and I have been sectioning SNP the past to season's and had about 28 miles to Front royal to get out of the park. We had planned to go Nov8-10.

    Last Post By: FreeGoldRush Today, 09:06 Go to last post
    John B

    Veterans Day appreciation

    Thread Starter: John B

    Their pics are fading but the freedom we have still shines brightly.

    My dad, a WWII vet.

    Last Post By: TwoSpirits Today, 08:19 Go to last post

    Reasonable first aid kit?

    Thread Starter: Sporky

    Hi everyone,
    So, on my first long hike, I brought a ready-made Adventure Medical Kits .5 kit. I thought it seemed pretty great, but didn't even

    Last Post By: HeartFire Today, 06:38 Go to last post