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    Durango/Silverton railroad down for the count

    Thread Starter: OwenM

    Just a heads up. Due to a mudslide, part of the tracks between Dogwood(I think that's right) and Durango are unusable, so the railroad's operations are

    Last Post By: Dogwood Today, 22:08 Go to last post

    Alternative thru hike

    Thread Starter: soilman

    I have been toying with the idea to do another thru hike in 4 years when I turn 70. I know I donít want to go NOBO again. What I have been thinking is

    Last Post By: soilman Today, 21:50 Go to last post

    Smokies in 3 Days?

    Thread Starter: WMR

    Wondering what the trail is like through the Smokies. Not elevation gain/loss, I can see that on the map. Wondering if the trail allows for fast miles

    Last Post By: Dogwood Today, 21:39 Go to last post

    Driving I95

    Thread Starter: perrymk

    With any luck I begin a section/thru hike hybrid in 2021. I recognize rules change but hopefully someone has first hand information. Highway patrol, DOT,

    Last Post By: Slo-go'en Today, 20:46 Go to last post

    2021 sobo

    Thread Starter: HankIV

    Put it off this year, but will take a great deal to make me do so again. Will be 58 this year, not ancient, but not a spring chicken. Am taking an unpaid

    Last Post By: Slo-go'en Today, 18:44 Go to last post

    End of October Section Hike

    Thread Starter: Longboysfan

    I'm looking at a section hike 4 to 8 days. NOBO.
    From Fontana Dam - which I just finished a one day segment to complete this section.

    Last Post By: Longboysfan Today, 16:23 Go to last post