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    Tent stakes FTW

    Thread Starter: Greenlight

    For those of you with tons of miles and gear failures, let's hear it. What is your tent stake strategy? My son and I will be finishing up the Smokies

    Last Post By: jomo1983 Yesterday, 22:59 Go to last post

    section hike in 100 mile wilderness

    Thread Starter: jomo1983

    I'll be doing the section from Cooper Brook (Jo-Mary Rd) to Katahdin this summer, 56 miles. I'm looking for intel on what kind of trail conditions to

    Last Post By: jomo1983 Yesterday, 22:52 Go to last post

    Gear questions and sugestions

    Thread Starter: mike1056001

    I'm planning a 6 week hike from the South end heading North in mid-July through August. I've of course checked average temperatures for the area but

    Last Post By: Daybreak Yesterday, 21:33 Go to last post

    Math problems

    Thread Starter: Spring.Bear

    Canít figure out where Iím going wrong. Iíve weighed everything individually and added it up but my packed bag weighs almost 10 pounds more than the totaled

    Last Post By: HankIV Yesterday, 20:32 Go to last post

    East coast mtn. Trail hikers street runners vs trail runners???

    Thread Starter: petedelisio

    ??? For you that have hiked more than 20 miles of east coast with wet vs dry.(definitely not object to any terain experience any where in the Multiverse.

    Last Post By: Traveler Yesterday, 17:19 Go to last post

    Hiking with chronic pain or other disability

    Thread Starter: Spring.Bear

    Would love to see conversation around this topic.
    Specifically I had Lyme disease pretty bad as a teen and continue to have sporadic pain, sometimes

    Last Post By: Traveler Yesterday, 16:44 Go to last post