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    h. hastings

    2020 Sobo Thruhike cost

    Thread Starter: h. hastings

    I thought I'd post an answer to a question that is frequently asked here on the forums, namely what does it cost to complete a thruhike?

    Last Post By: Big_Old_Dog Today, 11:05 Go to last post

    Traction Devices Needed for Roan in Winter?

    Thread Starter: vsiddhartha

    Though I've hiked the Roan Highlands twice in the fall, I am planning my first winter trip (from Carver's Gap to 19E) for this February. I imagine it

    Last Post By: Venchka Today, 10:21 Go to last post

    How to get to the Long Trail from San Francisco?

    Thread Starter: Besalu

    I am planning to do the LT but I do not know how to get there, since it seems like a very rural trailhead. I am in San Francisco, so where

    Last Post By: Deacon Today, 10:05 Go to last post

    Sterno Inferno,

    Thread Starter: Deadeye

    It may have been covered here before, but sometimes you rediscover stuff, and I’ve rediscovered the Sterno Inferno. It’s a stove stand/windscreen/pot

    Last Post By: hikermiker Today, 09:13 Go to last post

    STARLYTE alcohol stove worlds lytest almost

    Thread Starter: zelph

    The Starlyte weighs in at 16.4 grams. That is the combined weight of the burner and potstand

    Burner is made of 1 wedding favor tin

    Last Post By: cmoulder Today, 08:27 Go to last post
    Gambit McCrae

    DIY bottle pockets modification

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    Every get tired of leaning forward and your water bottles falling out? Taking that mad dash crash and your water bottles fly out everywhere...breaking

    Last Post By: JPritch Yesterday, 22:47 Go to last post