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    Knives AND self-defense on A.T.

    Thread Starter: Sporky

    So, when I first (the only time) went on the A.T., I thought I felt pretty comfortable with the place, and the safety aspect. I'm an east coaster, from

    Last Post By: Five Tango Today, 15:38 Go to last post

    Coming In 2020 - HARD RANGER

    Thread Starter: hardranger

    "Step into a world of mystery and intrigue. Based on a true story, "Hard Ranger" takes you on a journey along the Appalachian National

    Last Post By: devoidapop Today, 15:21 Go to last post

    frameless packs

    Thread Starter: needlefish

    who's carrying one? which one? what's your base weight? by replacing my current shelter, a sierra design flashlight2 and my current pack, a granite gear

    Last Post By: CalebJ Today, 14:32 Go to last post

    Backpacking after major surgery?

    Thread Starter: KnightErrant

    Hi folks,

    I'm having a kidney removed next month and was curious if anyone can share their experience of getting back into hiking and carrying

    Last Post By: Slo-go'en Today, 13:55 Go to last post
    Cajun Rooster

    Overnight trip suggestions for a 5 year old's first time

    Thread Starter: Cajun Rooster

    I've been prepping and packing for a 3 day trip this coming weekend and my 5 year old daughter is begging me to go, so I'd like to plan a 1-nighter for

    Last Post By: Cajun Rooster Today, 13:55 Go to last post

    Leading Groups

    Thread Starter: PGH1NC

    In July I will be leading a group of adult day-hikers for four days on the Maryland Section of the A T.
    It is a club of experienced hikers I am

    Last Post By: Slo-go'en Today, 13:37 Go to last post