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  1. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Cold Soak contanier that wll stand up to hot water?

    I usually use a peanut butter jar to cold soak but was looking for something lightweight, water tight, about 28 oz, and cheap, that with stand up to a hot cup of coffee in town or for trail magic. ...
  3. Thanks, I'm stressen about the little stuff right...

    Thanks, I'm stressen about the little stuff right now. Just need to get walking and let it all fall into place.Thanks again
  4. alcohol by the oz on the way to springer from airport

    I'm flying into atlanta on easter Sunday and then getting a ride directly to the trailhead. I need about 3 oz of fuel for the first few days. Anywhere on the way to amicola falls sp that I can get...
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