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    Water Status on the LT this July

    I am doing a three day section hike of the LT in about a week and am looking to understand the availability of water between the Emily Proctor Shelter going north to Appalachian Gap. I know from a...
  2. I spoke to the Berlin Fire Department this...

    I spoke to the Berlin Fire Department this morning and a firefighter there has a camp out off of Success Pond Road. He said it is fine out about seven miles and does get a little dicey after that but...
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I have a jeep so...

    Thanks for the feedback. I have a jeep so hopefully that will get me up to the side trail to Carlo Col. Even if I only get as far as the Success Trail, it will only add 1.8 miles to the day going...
  4. Status on AT access via Success Pond Road in NH

    I was wondering if anyone knew the status of Success Pond Road after Hurricane Irene? I am looking to get out to the blue blazed trail up to the AT at Carlo Col. I know that the East side entrance up...
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