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  1. Thanks for the report. Use the Bear Encounter...

    Thanks for the report. Use the Bear Encounter Report Form linked from ATC's website at www.appalachiantrail.org/bears.
  2. Tar Jacket Ridge (Cent. VA) Prescribed Burn Planned 4-7-2021

    Approximately two miles of the Appalachian Trail in central Virginia along Tar Jacket Ridge between Hog Camp Gap (mile 815.4) and Salt Log Gap (mile 817.6) will be temporarily closed during a...
  3. Girl Has Returned Home

    From Pennlive.com: 13-year-old missing from Dauphin County has returned home: police
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    A.T. Museum welcomes additions to Shelter Register collection

    The A.T. Museum has a collection of shelter registers and very much welcomes new additions. (The Appalachian Trail Conservancy entrusted their collection to the museum and sends along any received to...
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    Footbridge re-opened

    Harpers Ferry National Historical Park just notified ATC about 45 minutes ago that repairs have been completed by CSX and the footbridge has re-opened.
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    Sobo on A.T. is not automatically a good alternative to nobo if your timing changes

    No one knows when the pandemic will be over and Trail use will be encouraged again. No one knows if a southbound hike will be a viable option from the standpoint of the A.T. even being open or a wise...
  7. It was an awesome event, so great to see Mr....

    It was an awesome event, so great to see Mr. Fabulous again and have a great turnout. If you missed him at ATC today, you can catch him at the fabulous Four Season Bookstore in Shepherdstown today,...
  8. ATC Holiday Celebration / The Unlikely Thru-Hiker

    ATC is hosting its annual Holiday Celebration at our headquarters and visitor center in Harpers Ferry tomorrow (12/7). The highlight (even more than the free food and mulled cider) will be Derick...
  9. Temporary Re-route is now the official, white-blazed trail

    The previous route of the A.T. that included the footbridge is closed and a temporary re-route has been marked with white blazes as of September 18. The A.T. footbridge has been deemed unsafe by U.S....
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    Links to A.T. Volunteer Opportunities

    For more detailed info:

    A.T. Volunteer Opportunities At A Glance and Upcoming Opportunities

    A.T.-Maintaining Clubs

  11. A thru-hike is walking entire AT in 12 months or less

    A hike of the entire A.T. in 12 months or less, including a flip flop itinerary, is considered a thru-hike by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the lead organization overseeing management and...
  12. Footbridge re-opened

    Harpers Ferry National Historical Park just called ATC to notify us that the repairs have been completed and the footbridge has re-opened.
  13. Hikers might want to know that the shuttle is...

    Hikers might want to know that the shuttle is considered the official route of the Appalachian Trail while the bridge is closed, and no white blazes will be missed.

    A bonus; the 1-mile walk along...
  14. Footbridge Closure at Harpers Ferry Wed. 6/12/19

    Shuttles will be provided for A.T. long-distance hikers/section-hikers during the temporary closure of the Goodloe Byron Memorial Footbridge over the Potomac River. See...
  15. One Way Ministries is providing the venue but is...

    One Way Ministries is providing the venue but is not affiliated with the counselor in the free services being provided. The person providing counseling is a professional counselor endorsed by the...
  16. Counseling offered at Trail Days (Damascus, VA) Friday (5/16)

    Counseling is being offered in the town of Damascus during Trail Days to hikers affected by the recent tragedy (or any other reason, I'm sure). The remaining sessions are tomorrow (Friday) at the...
  17. Vigils/Memorial Services for Ronald Sanchez at Trail Days

    There are two memorial services being planned this year at Trail Days to honor the life of Ronald "Stronghold" Sanchez and others. Anyone can attend either one or both. I believe they will each be...
  18. ATC Boiling Springs (PA) visitor center temporarily closed on weekdays

    The Visitor Center at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Mid-Atlantic Regional Office in Boiling Springs, PA, is temporarily closed Monday – Friday due to staffing changes. The Visitor Center is open...
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    Sunday Festival Line-Up

    7:30a – 9:00a | Hiker Pancake Breakfast at the Camp Hill-Wesley Church | A full breakfast is offered for hikers and their family and friends to fuel up before heading out! Breakfast is offered at no...
  20. Comers Creek Bridge is unsafe, do not use (SW Virginia)

    The footbridge over Comers Creek has recently been found to be unsafe and should not be used. This is at northbound mile 518.8, 1.3 miles south of the Dickey Gap trailhead near the junction of Comers...
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    Commercial Vendors
    Bones & Beads
    Chestnut’s Beeswax Wraps
    Harpers Ferry Outfitter
    Jacks Are Better Ultralight Camping Quilts
    Mountain Trails
    Mountain View Gourds
    Paint Splash
    Sketch & A...
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    2019 Flip Flop Festival - April 27-28

    The 5th Annual Flip Flop Festival is this weekend. So much is happening this year. There's the traditional core educational activities for prospective flip floppers, including pack shakedowns, and...
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    The Flip Flop Festival website that is maintained...

    The Flip Flop Festival website that is maintained by Harpers Ferry-Bolivar Trail & Town Alliance volunteers (also the primary organizers of the festival) is now pretty well fleshed out. Some things...
  24. Big Meadows Wayside delayed opening spring 2019 (Shenandoah NP)

    The historic Big Meadows wayside, which offers meals, groceries, and other services, is undergoing comprehensive renovation and rehabilitation. Due to delays caused by winter weather, the facility...
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    The Festival is Growing!

    Are you going to come back O.W.? This year is going to be the best yet!

    As always, there will be workshops designed for prospective flip floppers all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday at the...
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